pioneering carbon management solution pioneering carbon management solution

    The Challenge

  • Scattered, unreliable, raw data
  • Ill-defined boundaries
    (organisational & operational)
  • Outdated emission factors
  • Demanding annual audit exercise
  • Time consuming reporting requirements
  • Excessive Expense

    The Solution

  • South African designed real-time carbon management software based on the GHG Protocol

    The Outcome

  • Consolidated data management processes
  • Granular information to a cost-centre level
  • Immediate emission factor updates
  • Automated reporting outputs
  • Target tracking
  • Modular flexibility
  • Cost savings

Carbon Footprinting

The Challenge

Carbon footprinting can be a frustrating, expensive and time-consuming exercise.Reams of data need to be gathered, captured and properly manipulated from all areas of an organisation.

Often this data is not audited and often it is inaccurate or incomplete.

This is only the beginning.Consultants have to be relied on to provide updated emission figures and to guide you through the footprinting exercise.This can be costly and again, time consuming.

the challenge

The Solution

A real-time carbon management system based on the GHG Protocol; capturing data throughout the year; converting it into carbon information using the latest emission factors; benchmarking the results against predetermined targets or industry peers.

Taking a strategic approach to carbon management allows organisations large and small to not only to derive greater economic rewards, but make a meaningful contribution to the environment in which the business operates.CarbonKnown is an integrated carbon management system that enables organisations to measure, manage and mitigate their carbon emissions and obligations responsibly.

the solution

The Outcome

A structured carbon management process that allows carbon information to be presented at the most granular level at any time of the year.

Targets can be tracked and additional sustainability modules incorporated including water and waste.

Reporting procedures (integrated reporting, sustainability reporting and CDP submissions) are simplified and streamlined.

the outcome

Our Product

CarbonKnown is a real-time, license-based, carbon management software solution for corporate organisations

  • Centralised

    » A centralised repository for emissions data, across business units and geographical locations.

  • Analysis

    » Month-on-month analysis of consumption, emissions and cost data

    » Interactive consumption target setting

  • Real-Time

    » Business unit/user role – reporting capabilities in real-time

    » Comparative reporting

  • Easy Maintenance

    » Ability to upload and store original source documents

  • Auditable

    » Historical data on transactions to allow audit of footprint

carbonknown product screen shots
  • GHG Protocol compliance
  • Carbon Disclosure Project compliance
  • Visually-driven
  • Template-driven data collection OR integration with existing organisational data outputs
  • Immediate updating of latest carbon emission factors
  • Integration and display of performance against emission reduction targets
  • Capturing of carbon emissions at different levels of organisation, e.g. organisation, facility, business area, control centre, etc.
  • Modular options to include additional sustainability information, e.g. water consumption and waste generation
  • Continual support of greenhouse gas management and technology expertise
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions from:
  • Electricity consumption
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Air-conditioning / refrigerant gases
  • On-site equipment, e.g. generators
  • Employee commuting
  • Paper consumption
  • Air travel
  • Car rental
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Courier services

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Carbon Calculated is a specialist carbon footprint consultancy that has been at the forefront of carbon management and reporting in South Africa. Clients include Standard Bank, Liberty, Medi-Clinic, Remgro, Rainbow, Sanlam, Santam, Investec, Nampak, Allan Gray and Vodacom.
Carbon disclosure project - accredited provider

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Carbon Calculated
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